Peru - Final Day

Peru - Final Day

Ever since my first ISA event at age 14, making the final of the ISA Quiksilver World jr Champs was a dream. Standing on that podium and waving your national flag above your head. And this event was my last chance to make that dream come true.

Falling into the repo charge event in round three wasn’t a very good idea. But it happens. It meant surfing 8 heats instead of 4 to get to the final, and the final was where I was aiming. According to my matric mathematical knowledge (haha) I had double the risk of getting knocked out of the competetion. See finishing school does help. Anyways, I had an average of 3 heats per day and the final day was coming closer with every heat.

I couldn’t sleep. I woke up 3 times before my alarm even went off (which NEVER happens) and my heart was beating through my chest.

On my way to training

After scoffing down my usual banana and cheese roll I hopped into a “tuc tuc” (a rocket red 3-wheeler with a picture of Mary hanging from the radio) and headed down to “Cabalerros”. Thanks to the South African coaches, my very motivated mother, and “genade van bo” (LOTS of that) I made 3 heats and was walking to get my rash vest for the fiiiiinnnaaaallssss! It all went well and I ended up in second place, a result I am very happy with.

I hopped into a “tuc tuc” and headed down to “Cabalerros”

As I experienced at Narrabeen earlier this year – don’t underestimate God. He’ll surprise you.

See ya,





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