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Bianca grew up in a Surfing family with two brothers, surfing from age 7.  She learned to surf in the beach breaks of the Strand as well as at the Jongensfontein point break.  The family then moved to Victoria Bay when she was age 11.  It was here that Bianca started focusing more on competitive surfing.  Bianca soon stood out at a young age winning the Billabong u/20 girls finals at age 13 as well as coming 9th at Mr Price WQS at age 14.  By the year 2009 Bianca won every single contest she entered in South Africa.

During her surfing career, Bianca became the u/10; u/14; u/16 and u/20 South African Surfing Champions as well as u/18 Long Boarding champion.

Although she participates in many other sports, her love for the ocean and extreme sports made her decide to focus more on Surfing as her main sport although she still enjoys wake boarding, kite surfing and any extreme water sports.

Although she misses substantial amount of school, she was still able to achieve full Academic Colours in 2009 with an average percentage of 75% and higher at High School level.  She understands that the world is bigger than surfing and therefore chose to stay at school on a full time basis, since she has ambitions to study further after school.

Bianca is a very social person and therefore enjoys being a Team Player.  Her favourite competitions are still all the Team Event such as the World Games and SA Champs.

She also shows Leadership characteristics at all levels and was selected Vice Captain for the Junior national Team for 2010 to participate in New Zealand.

Although her natural surfing talent and physical ability are important aspects to make her a world class surfer, she realises that her Competitiveness and Mental Strength has helped her to achieve, for in all competitive sports you need a strong mind.

Her beautiful flowing Surfing Style and Vertical Manoeuvres which gives her a very high scoring ability, as well as her strong Mental Competitiveness, has been rated by her competitors as the main reasons for her success.


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