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Roxy Wahine Cup – Durban, South Africa.

I’m hoooommmeeee! ………….. no better welcoming back than Blessing serving you a hot cup of Milo at Mugg & Bean. ….

Roxy Wahine

A great event, great set up and good friends..

….and thank you Roxy for putting on this event for us girls….

My stoke of being home probably helped me win the Pro Junior division at the Roxy Wahine Cup, held at the famous New Pier beach in Durban.

We were blessed with awesome waves, a really cool setup and good prize money at the Roxy. Thank you Roxy and Management for spoiling us and especially Tamara for all your hard work.


Although 5 weeks seemed like a long time when I departed from George, time flew and I found myself landing back where I started in what seemed like a blink of an eye. What do they say? Time fly’s when you’re having fun.

Now back to my schoolbooks…..got to catch up before our “all girls “ boat trip to the Mentawi islands….can’t wait!





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