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Europe - my second home

Cycling in France

The first time I went to France (2007) I fell in love. Since 2007 I have probably been there 10 times. To me France is a lot like home( in the smaller things). The country has lots of culture and history, just like home (although the culture and history are probably direct opposites). So to me, going to France was a pleasure.

Good times with the Roxy Girls

And have you seen the new Quiksilver house? (more of a mansion) - it even deserves its own paragraph! It has three buildings, one of which has three stories and 60 beds, a cafeteria, library, computers, free internet, dvd room, games room, beach soccer field, two high performance trampolines, 20 bicycles, the list goes ooonnnn…

The Roxy Quiksilver House

Our Lounge

Table tennis, soccer, trampoline etc.


Cant help getting side-tracked by the awesome lifestyle that surfing brings. Where was I? surfing and contests.. the biggest women’s only event was on – the Swatch Pro. Wow. What an event – free food, free smoothies, free NUTELLA, and even a sawdust toilet. As you can see I get very excited about free things, mainly because budgeting is one of the many things you learn while travelling.

The Swatch pro

It was awesome to see the girls ripping it up like that, and sponsors supporting such an awesome event. I got a 3rd in the pro junior. A bit of an upset after Peru, but it’s the experience that counts.

The South African girls in Europe

Surfing Portugal

Our next stop was Portugal. We had to drive from France, through Spain, to Portugal. We were welcomed with knee-high waves (if you can even call them that) and an onshore that “skriks vir niks”. The comp didn’t go too well, but had a good time with all the Roxy crew (from Japan to Italy). Oh! Did I mention the “eat-as-much-as-you-can sushi”! – need I say more..

The Roxy Girls

Headed back to France for a couple days before flying home. Went cruising through the little streets of Hossegor with a bag of cherries hanging from the handlebar of my bicycle, iPod in my pocket, heading to the beach to have an afternoon nap on the sand.

Thank you Roxy and all the team Management for all the good memories of the time in France, for the great facilities and support, I really appreciate it.

The Roxy Shop in Hossegor

Signing posters at the Roxy shop

Although I am blessed, I am equally grateful.

Thank You.

Warm regards




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