I am Bianca. I am twenty years old and come from a small coastal town close to the most southern part of Africa. As a professional surfer, I travel to over a dozen countries per year to compete and perform with the world’s best female surfers.

I am in a different time zone every two weeks, spend a lot of time in an economy class seat, and have been traveling since the age of 14. Because of this, I have observed a lot and have developed an open mind towards a lot of cultures and opinions, which is a privilege more than my gratitude can express.

The ocean, which I continually analyze is also my escape. My heart thrives when I find myself under water, lost in the freedom of the ocean and its movements. My heart thrives when I see people reach their full potential or when someone breaks through the oppression of its circumstances. I keep my eyes and heart wide open. I long for adventure, love the unexpected and the unlikely.

I appreciate acts of selflessness.

Most importantly, I have found the overwhelming truth of God’s love. I celebrate it everyday. It is what keeps me going.