Drawing a large, red tick-mark in an empty box is fulfilling, especially since it gives you the courage to accomplish the next mission you decide to write down. Bucket lists consist of countless, randomly sequenced; crazy and many times illogical pencil squiggles that you spontaneously come up with as life happens. Maui has been hovering at the top of mine for far too long.

With the sound of the quickening rotations of the propellers, an audible vibration under my seat, and a glance out that oval window, I could see the Honolulu becoming smaller and smaller as we took to the sky toward a new destination.

I wanted to share with you just one day in Maui, so that one can get to experience a place without the struggle of overnight flights, carpet sleeping, board bag dragging, 6 hour rental car miscommunications, or jetlagged midnight wake ups.

I am woken by an alarm, opening the curtain with one eye still shut is enough for me to realize where I am and what is going on. I am in Maui for the Target Pro, the last event of what seemed like a long year on tour. We grab some granola and yoghurt, jump in the rental and zoom off to the Bay, excited to find out if the rumors of the swell were true. A two-hour session with a close friend and very welcoming locals proved to be the best start to the day. The sun was still hanging high, so a trip down the coast on a windy road was next, with ‘coconut and lemonade’ signs at every corner, and the corners were plentiful. At the 8th mile marking, close to the other side of the island, we head off to explore the trail and bamboo forest the locals had been talking about. We rock hopped, skipped and jumped over water for about a mile upstream, completely captivated by the beauty of the luscious greenery and serenity at the foot of this mountain. For a change in scenery, it was time for a snorkel and snack at Airport Beach close to Lahaina. Walking through the streets of this colorful little town only added to the atmosphere of excitement which showing on the faces of every person walking by with a floral shirt and camera in hand. This atmosphere proved to be contagious as we swam only arms length from a turtle, and the size of my smile caused water to flow into my goggles, making the visibility of the ancient creature only last a few seconds. With toes in the sand, feeling the saltwater lapping over your feet, the day had come to an end, and the sun was going down and past, on its way for another time zone to enjoy the day.

My greatest desire on this tour around the world is never to loose sight of all that is around me, that my eyes and heart are filtered by gratitude, never taking a moment for granted – so in all these moments I delight, since delight is the only emotion that can come from a grateful heart.